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G'Vine Nouaison Gin

70cl / 45% - A higher-strength limited-edition variant from G'Vine, whose standard bottling is also extremly classy gin. Nouaison is batch-distilled in a copper pot still and flavoured with fresh botanicals, including the grape flower.

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June by G'Vine Peach Gin Liqueur

70cl / 37.5% - Made by Maison Villevert in France, June is a gin liqueur made by infusing G'Vine gin with wild peaches and summer berries. A delicate, fruity liqueur, it has notes of lemon, raspberry, juniper and apple over a sweet wild peach background....

Price from 36 €

G'Vine Nouaison Reserve Gin

50cl / 42% - An intense opulent French gin from Maison Villevert, G'Vine Nouaison Reserve is made using grape eaux-de-vie and is matured in ex-Cognac barrels. Aromas of juniper, baking spice, dried fruit and rancio fill the nose, complemented by notes...

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G'Vine Floraison Gin

70cl / 40% - One of a new wave of premium gins seeking to get away from the traditional London Dry style. Floraison is made with grape spirit instead of normal grain spirit and includes the green grape flower in its botanicals. A deliciously fresh gin.

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Fruchtige Aromen von delikatem Pfirsich & Sommerfrüchten subtile Schärfe rund, köstlicher & deikater Geschmack mit weichem & lang anhaltendem Finish. Der JUNE Gin Liqueur ist eine Kreation, bei der die Eleganz von wildem Pfirsich kombiniert mit dem...

Price from 39 €