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Rum has its place alongside great spirits such as single malt whisky, cognac or bourbon whisky. Each rum-producing island has developed its own individual style, each country its own distinctive taste, and each distillery offers endless variations of local styles. It doesnt matter if youre looking for rum agricole, vintage rum or heavy, rich Jamaican and Demerara rums.

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Hampden Estate 8yo Rum

This 8yr old expression is an impressive Jamaican rum from the Hampden Estate; full-bodied, big tropical fruit flavours and deep oak. Complex to say the least.

Price from 77 €

Hampden Estate Overproof Rum

A perfect example of the High Ester Rums that Hampden Estate are renowned for - expect a spirit that is packed with intense estery fruitiness.

Price from 95 €

SBS French Antilles Grand Arome Rum

Grand Arome is a heavy style of rum (the French equivalent to Jamaican high ester). Following its selection for the UK Rum Club, only 29 bottles were ever made making this an exceptionally rare release. Expect big flavours and huge tropical funk.

Price from 107 €

Paranubes Cana Morada Oaxacan Rum / Aguardiente de Cana

70cl / 54.5% - A Mexican rum from the cloudy Sierra Mazateca mountains of Oaxaca, produced by master distiller Jose Luis Carrera. Displaying fresh grassy aromas of citrus and soft fruits on the nose, the palate offers notes of lemon rind and apricot,...

Price from 80 €

Paranubes Anejo Oaxacan Rum / Aguardiente de Cana

70cl / 54.4% - A Mexican rum from Paranubes, made in Oaxaca and matured for 18 months in ex-Tequila French oak barrels. Smoky aromas of green olives and garden herbs fill the nose, complemented by notes of pimento, dried figs, earth, oak and sweet agave...

Price from 68 €

Wrecking Coast Muscovado Silver Spirit

70cl / 57% - A grassy, earthy spirit from Wrecking Coast, made by combining Muscovado sugar and Cornish spring water to make a syrup, which is then fermented and distilled. The result is aromas of stone fruit, green apple, dried apricot, pear drops and...

Price from 54 €

Ceylon Arrack

70cl / 40% - Ceylon Arrack is a traditional Sri Lankan spirit distilled from the sap of the coconut flower, which can only be collected by hand, and aged in Sri Lankan oak casks. The revival of lost cocktail ingredients continues apace.

Price from 44 €

Amrut Two Indies Rum Blended Modernist Rum

70cl / 42.8% - Two Indies is a fruity, spicy rum from Indian producer Amrut, honouring the farmers of two rum producing regions - the West Indies (Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica) and the East Indies (India). Aromas of ripe bananas and green sugar cane fill...

Price from 50 €

Maman Brigitte / Asta Morris Blended Modernist Rum

70cl / 43% - A blended rum from Belgian indie bottler Asta Morris, made using rums from Barbados, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Price from 50 €

Boulet de Canon N13 / Compagnie des Indes Blended Modernist Rum

70cl / 46% / Compagnie des Indes - The 13th edition of Boulet de Canon rum from Compagnie des Indes is a combination of rums from Panama and Nicaragua that have been matured in ex-peated whisky casks and given a 48-hour maceration of hay before being...

Price from 71 €

Rum is one of the most versatile spirits you can enjoy. From white rum to extra old, we track hundreds of different styles from around the world.

Rum is usually fermented and distilled from molasses (a by-product of sugar cane) or directly from sugar cane juices. Popular producing countries include the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and for such nations, rum is a large part of their culture, as people drink it in cocktails and as a "secret" ingredient in cooking. Think Pina Colada and Jerk Chicken...simply delicious.

White rum retains its transparency because it is bottled immediately after distillation, while dark rums acquire their color and flavor through the aging process. A general rule of thumb for rum...the darker it is, the older and more mature it is.

You can enjoy rum on its own, with ice, in a cocktail, in your favorite drink or in food. Whichever way you enjoy it, please enjoy responsibly.