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Benrinnes 2011 / 10 Year Old / Peace, Love and Whisky / Simply Whisky Speyside Whisky

70cl / 50.5% / Simply Whisky - A 2011 Benrinnes single malt from independent bottler Simply Whisky that was matured for a decade in a refill hogshead, before being bottled in December 2021.

Price from 67 €

Kyro Rye Whisky x Monbazillac Cask Sample / Whisky Show 2022 Single Whisky

3cl / 53% / The Perfect Measure - A Perfect Measure sample bottle of single cask whisky from Kyrö. Bottled exclusively for The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show 2022, it was made with 100% Finnish malted rye and finished in an ex-Monbazillac cask after an...

Price from 10 €

Kyro Rye Whisky x Monbazillac Cask / The Whisky Exchange Single Whisky

50cl / 53% - A limited-edition single cask Finnish rye malt whisky from Kyrö, bottled exclusively for The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show 2022, that was made with 100% Finnish malted rye and finished in an ex-Monbazillac cask after an initial maturation...

Price from 77 €

East London Liquor Co Single Rye Whisky / Sherry Cask / Whisky Show 2023 Single Whisky

70cl / 62.1% / The Whisky Exchange - This English rye whisky was produced by East London Liquor Co, matured in first-fill ex-oloroso cask and bottled exclusively for Whisky Show 2023. Aromas of oat biscuit, dried cherry and Shredded Wheat on the nose,...

Price from 95 €

A Speyside Whisky 2001 / 20 Year Old / Sherry Cask / The Whisky Show 2021 Speyside Whisky

70cl / 57.6% / Elixir Distillers - A 2001 Speyside whisky from the 2021 Whisky Show bottlings, made at a mystery distillery and matured for two decades before being bottled. Full of character and flavour, this single malt's label celebrates the congeners...

Price from 161 €

Dumbarton Single Grain Scotch Whisky 2000 / 22 Year Old / Watt Whisky Single Whisky

70cl / 55.5% / Watt Whisky - Much Dumbarton grain whisky is reserved for Ballantine’s blends, but this single refill cask was obtained by Watt Whisky and bottled after 22 years of ageing. There are sweet and delicate aromas of orange marmalade, salted...

Price from 105 €

Campbeltown Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 2017 / 6 Year Old / Watt Whisky Campbeltown Whisky

70cl / 58.6% / Watt Whisky - This single cask is a blend of single malts from Campbeltown bottled by Watt Whisky. There are soft stewed fruits on the nose, with aromas of apricot, mandarin and apple, leading to notes of charred baking spice, caramel and...

Price from 71 €

Blended Scotch Whisky 2018 / 5 Year Old / Peatsmoke on Gorgie / Watt Whisky Blended Whisky

70cl / 57.1% / Watt Whisky - An exuberant blended whisky with a richly-peated edge, this release was matured for five years and bottled by Watt Whisky. There are aromas of candied lemon peel, toasted malt and stewed orchard fruit on the nose, followed...

Price from 63 €

Distillerie de Paris Single Malt Whisky / Whisky Paris LMDW Selection French Whisky

50cl / 52.5% - Distilled in the heart of Paris, at Distillerie de Paris, this smoky and herbaceous three-year-old whisky was matured in chestnut barrels produced in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

Price from 113 €

Blended Scotch Whisky 2003 / 18 Year Old / Watt Whisky Blended Whisky

70cl / 56.3% / Watt Whisky - A 2003 blended whisky from indie bottler Watt Whisky that has been matured in a single hogshead for 18 years, before being bottled in 2021. The palate offers notes of toasted almonds, honey, cloves, dried fruit and warming...

Price from 86 €